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Lead Assistant/Employee Training Supervisor
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A Chesapeake native and die-hard Golden Retriever enthusiast, Sean graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 with a B.S. in animal and poultry science. While at school, he volunteered his time working at the Virginia Tech Copenhaver Sheep Center.

Before joining the Animal Eye Care team in 2011, Sean worked for animal internal medicine and emergency specialty practices. Outside of work, he loves to build/fix things and plays a wide variety of sports. Sean is an avid fan of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Seattle Mariners, and the Phoenix Suns; subsequently, so are his two dogs, Aeris and Oakley. His love of sports stems from the years he spent playing a number of sports for competition and recreation, as well as the hearty dollop of “friendly competition” between himself and his older brother as to who was the better athlete. The same amount of focus, dedication, and work ethic that made Sean successful at sports is what makes him a truly great team player at Animal Eye Care!