Prescription Refill Forms

Prescription Refills

Convenient Refills for Clients in Virginia, North Carolina & South Carolina

Note on Shipping

We use USPS for shipping. Please allow 5-7 business days for medications to reach you.

After-Hours & Weekend Refills

Unfortunately, we cannot refill medications when we are not at our offices. Please leave a message at the office most convenient for you and we can refill the medication the next business day.

Emergency Refills

Please note that our associated emergency services CANNOT refill medications you received from us. But, you may be able to obtain an emergency refill of medications from a human pharmacy. Most of the medications we use for treating eye disease in pets are human medications. Human pharmacies are allowed to provide one refill on an emergency basis and will then contact us on the next business day to provide authorization. BUT, not all human pharmacies will provide this service. If you have run out of a medication, especially a glaucoma medication, after normal office hours or on the weekend, take the empty bottle and labeled box to a local human pharmacy to find out if they will do a one-time refill for you.

If you have questions regarding your vet medication refill needs, call the location nearest to you. Our staff will be happy to assist you.